◦ Perfect fit due to industrially precast implant connections

◦ Can be anodized in different colours (e.g. gold-coloured) with the

100% Zirconia Abutments

◦ Possibility to characterise the zirconia with tooth colours

No grey margins incase of gingival recession

Brightens up thin mucosa


Solid Zirconia FX Copings

High Translucency FX  Copings

Solid Zirconia Implant Copings

High Translucency Implant Copings

Sintron Metal Copings

Sintron Metal Implant Copings

Chrome Cobalt Copings

Chrome Cobalt Implant Copings

Titanium Copings

Titanium Implant Copings

Temporary Solutions

Multistratum® Flexible

Flexible high-performance resin with multicolour shading from dentine to enamel for aesthetic full contour resin restorations. With up to 10 years of oral durability.

Custom Anodising

Anodising reduces the grey translucency of the underlying implant component(s) and underlying implant bar substructures without the need for unnecessary opaque

◦ The high biocompatibility of the implant material remains unchanged by the anodizing

◦ Titanium denture anodizing in any colour of choice

Custom Screw Threaded

Custom milled thread screws for screw retained implant cases make it easier than ever to seal implant cases. Custom milled threads on implant crowns and bridges can simply be cut at occlusal level and polished flat

Denture Bars

Titanium is considered to be the most biocompatible material that exists. This is due to the corrosion resistance of the material and the naturally emerging oxide layer on the surface, which; among others, favors the solid growth of bone-to-implant ratio (osseointegration).