Whether you are a Dental practitioner or a patient, we at Harmony can facilitate in providing you with premium quality dental restorative work. If you are a patient simply ask your dentist to send your restorative work to us with your specifications.


Sending us a case is a simple straightforward process. Whenever you have a case ready for us, a member of your staff simply needs to give us a call and we will arrange a collection from your practice.

Instruction details for the first case you are sending can be written down on a script note, and upon return of your first case, we will supply you with a laboratory book.

We accept cases nationally and work with a dedicated courier company to collect and deliver the same day for practices based outside of Cape Town.

If you have any further questions or want to book a collection please contact us

Call: (+27) 021 910 9100

Email: info@harmonydental.co.za.www33.cpt2.host-h.net

Address: 7 Lauda Road, Killarney Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa, 7439

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