Shade Determination

Optimum integration in the oral cavity of the patient is the prerequisite for a true-to-nature all-ceramic restoration.

The overall lifelike, esthetic result of an all-ceramic restoration is influenced by the following factors:shade of the preparation,

  • shade of the preparation,
  • shade of the restoration (ingot/block, layering material) andshade of the cementation material
  • shade of the cementation material

Shade determination of the natural tooth

After tooth cleaning, the tooth shade of the non-prepared tooth and/or the adjacent teeth is determined with the help of a shade guide also taking individual characteristics into consideration.

During the fabrication of highly esthetic restorations, the influence of the preparation shade on the final result is a decisive aspect. For that reason, the shade of the preparation should be determined in order to select the suitable restorative material. Especially with severely discoloured preparations this is of utmost importance. Only if the dentist determines the shade of the preparation and subsequently transmits it to the laboratory may the desired esthetics be achieved in a targeted fashion.

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Die shade selection

Sahde DeterminationIn order to facilitate the reproduction of the desired tooth shade, the shade of the preparation is determined with the help of the IPS Natural Die Material shade guide. This enables the technician to fabricate a model die similar to the preparation of the patient, on the basis of which the correct shade and brightness values of the all-ceramic restoration may be selected.