CAD/CAM Splints

Zirkonzahn offers the newest software for CAD/CAM Bite Splints. It renders possible quick and simple manufacturing of the bite splints. These splints are fully designed on an individual basis at virtual modulation. These splints are especially useful with patients that have bruxism. Occlusal thickness and wall thickness can easily be adjusted. Motions are easily simulated with necessary contact points. They can be modeled precisely in conjunction with any virtual articulator. They are made from the most transparent plastics available.

Entirely constructed of soft material, Clear-Flex should be employed for patients with only a minor or moderate history of grinding and clenching (i.e., where minor wear facets are visible). “Gives” a little intraorally making accurate cuspid rise more difficult to attain. If cuspid rise is important, Dual-Flex is required for better wear and greater cuspid rise accuracy. Suitable for all splint designs (e.g., Gelb, MORA, May, Sears, Jankelson, Tanner, etc.), Clear-Flex can be used to:

  • Reproduce mandibular rest position as a centric occlusion position.
  • Provide therapeutic occlusion in harmony with the neuromuscular patterns.
  • Provide disclusion guidance that frees masticatory system from unwanted posterior interferences.
  • Provide a masticatory machine which can apply maximum force with minimum self destruction and pain.