Temporary Restorations on Implants

Telio Lab offers unlimited flexibility in lab-based procedures. The powder/liquid-based resin is indicated for the fabrication of long-term temporaries using the cold technique.

The Telio Lab product line is suitable for the fabrication of crowns and bridges both on natural teeth and implant abutments. Additionally, Telio Lab allows the fabrication of temporary veneers and the lining of temporary restorations. The material can also be used to create harmonious gingival contours.

Telio Lab offers flexibility in processing techniques, allowing both for the pouring and injection technique options. True-to-nature customizations can be applied using Telio Intensive shades.


  • Well-coordinated processing properties
  • High resistance to plaque and wear
  • Versatile use


  • Temporary metal-free and metal-supported crowns and bridges with a maximum wear period of 12 months
  • Characterization, repair, supplements and relining of temporaries
  • Cementation of Ivoclar Vivadent dentures teeth to removable dentures
  • Esthetic modification of denture teeth